WCC backs calls for crucial peace, dialogue in Colombia

A delegation comprised of two church leaders and a victim of death threats who lost family members due to the conflict in Colombia was hosted by the World Council of Churches (WCC) in New York, 27-30 May. All three spoke with member states of the United Nations Security Council about the worsening situation in relation to the peace accords with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and the stalled dialogue with the National Liberation Army.

Bishop Atahualpa Hernandez, President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Colombia, Rev. Milton Mejia, of the Presbyterian Church in Colombia, and Nidiria Ruiz Medina, from the Inter-Church Commission on Justice and Peace, went to the United Nations to advocate for full implementation of the peace accords, protection of human rights defenders, and resumption of the dialogue with the National Liberation Army. They are all members of DIPAZ, the inter-church platform of dialogue for peace in Colombia.

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